logo design for artisan perfume brand Scent Stories


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The logo, box design, and brand pattern for Scent Stories are all based on a beautiful serif uppercase letter S. The logo icon looks like a flower but is actually the letter S in a radial repeat pattern. The S makes a memorable shape on the box, dividing the space in a color block. If you look closely at the brand pattern, you can see that it is made entirely from the uppercase S letter, reflected and repeated.

The large S on the packaging makes this brand easy to recognize on the shelf or online. The bottles look distinctive with their screen printed logo, brand icon, and scent name. The brand assets also lend themselves nicely to the sample vial packaging and business cards.

bottle and box design for artisan perfume brand Scent Stories


The brand pattern works in any combination of the brand colors, and the back of the business cards can be made with any of the color combinations. The brand patterns would look beautiful on tissue paper used for wrapping bottles, and the pattern would also look nice printed on the inside of the perfume boxes so that it shows when you open the top of the box.

business card design for artisan perfume brand
brand pattern design


The brand pattern is made by reflecting the serif S and then repeating the S pair. I have outlined in black one of the S letters in the adjacent image to help you pick out the S letters in the pattern. The S letters come together to make heart shapes and to form a tile-like pattern that our brain sees before it sees the S letters themselves.


The box dieline is designed in coordination with the box manufacturer so that the box properly fits the intended bottles. The pattern can be printed at home and then cut out and folded to verify that everything aligns correctly before sending the file to the printer for a proof. The box company glues the back panels before shipping so that the boxes are easy to assemble just by folding them and tucking in the tabs.

fragrance box dieline
icon design for artisan perfume brand Scent Stories